Gelukskinders Foundation

What happens in Amira and Sarafina Park?

A round is regularly made to check the condition of these two playgrounds in particular. This is because they are public and therefore used insanely much. A real wear and tear. Repairs and paintwork will, logically, be needed much more often on these playgrounds than in schools. Gelukskinders doesn’t mind.

To the great surprise of Frieda and Alice, our women on the spot, they saw sheep grazing at Amirapark… How who what is a mystery, but the first mowing work is done.


A week later they found about 20 workers who had been sent by the municipality to mow and clean up Amirapark completely. Bravo municipality Potchefstroom.

Two out of approx 20 workers.

Our worker, John, is painting at Amirapark. Much needed and very useful. Gelukskinders does not leave any Amira park to its fate.

Paint for Amirapark arrives. All hands on deck.

At Sarafinapark the equipment, maintenance team of Jolly Jungle Gym was at work. Necessary, welding and replacement work on swings and drums. As you can see in the photos, a lick of paint will also be needed later.

Welding.. DONE

Thanks to Amira and donors, all this work can be realized and Stichting Gelukskinders/Amira wants to make many more children happy. So many schools that don’t have a playground. Gelukskinders continues to look for reasonable options for a public playground. Hessie is one of them. It will be installed this year.