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    The Schoolconcert in Tshupane

    This was the first time we organised a schoolconcert.

    So a little stres came with it but the school helped us a lot in organising this event.

    Take a look.


    No less than three schoolchoires came to show their best.


    Tshupane, Ikalafeng and Promosa


    Amira, Siki Jo-An and Funeka took care of the solos and the duets.



    After that it was Jan’s turn to announce that Amira was about to perform a Medley of The Sound Of Music.


    At the end all children sang together the National Anthem: Nkosi Sikelele.

    We made a mistake in the planning of the duration of this concert.

    We calculated 45 minutes it was 80!


    After her wet adventure at the previous school, Turtlelina found a nice girl to sit on her lap.