Gelukskinders Foundation

The importance of playing

March 2019 :meeting of all the managements of the primary
schools from Potchefstroom, Ventersdorp and Ikageng.

A more modern working method was introduced announced and explained here in a very solemn way.

The Gelukskinders Foundation was also present. We were told to be
the department of playgrounds .
Just the fact that we were also invited means that for
department of education playing was also very important.
To confirm this, everyone has signed a document.

We were there approached by various principals.
They all asked for a playground.
The head of the department Mrs. Eyssen confirmed the
great importance of playing for children.

At various openings of playgrounds we could
greet the head of department and or several managers.

Amira already knew when she was 10:
Children's work is to play.
All children have the right to play.

Even Nelson Mandela knew that play is very important for children.
Because children who can play carefree are happy.  Lucky
children learn better at school. Happy children can
grow into happy adults.

The Gelukskinders Foundation wants to contribute to this by making
playgrounds in the schools that do not have one and if possible
also in their living environment.
The Foundation and the playgrounds are very close to Amira's heart.
That's why we will succeed next year in the week of her
18th anniversary to open our 18th playground.

We cannot emphasize enough how important play is.