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Streamingconcert E tickets

If you have problems with buying a ticket for the upcoming streaming concert, Gelukskinders now offers you the option to still obtain your ticket (s) via this item: from the webshop. Think of this as an actual ticket purchase and not as a donation.

Gelukskinders does not intend to make a profit with this promotion. You pay a little more because of bank charges that we have to pay. This is popularly called customer service.

Plus what’s good for Amira now, by selling tickets, is also good for the foundation in the longer term. So ONLY if nothing works or can be done via \

You will NOT receive your optog account immediately upon payment. Gelukskinders does not pay “optog” in advance. This will take about 7 days.

The first batch of orders has been sent to the organization You will receive one or more emails from this organization. (spam box?) Here you will receive your login name and password. The password is not required until the show starts or you want to watch the show in the weekend of 11,12,13, September. The second batch will be shipped next Tuesday. Last minutes will also be processed a day later. The promotion via Gelukskinders closes on Wednesday the 9th of September at 23.59.