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    Sizamele Primary School

    IMG_4673_Rmap_RSizamele Primary School is situated in a rural area, about 16 kilometers south-west of Rysmierbult and 40 kilometers north of Potchefstroom. Sizamele (which means diploma or grade in Zulu) is a public school. In 2015, 4 teachers offer primary education to 122 learners, varying in age from 5 up to 12 years old, or older.


    Extending the playground, but also improving the sports fields immediately means a huge improvement. Extramural activities such as playing and sporting together contribute enormously to the social development of the children. On top of that they’ll learn to discover their own talents and competences, which hopefully leads to ambitions that reach further than becoming farm labourer to survive, just like their parents did.



    Because of the difficult living conditions and the lack of involvement (care, attention) of their parents, the children often show agressive behaviour towards eachother. Often the bigger children bully, manipulate and beat the smaller ones. With more playground equipment, during breaks, the children could be grouped by age, in order to decrease this problem.

    Sports fields

    The school currently has a small soccer field and a netball field. Improving these fields (equalizing, filling potholes), but also extending with an athletics track would mean a huge improvement in the sports facilities. Children could run short or long distances, or field sports such as discs could be practiced. Sports stimulates physical actifity, which is essential for a healthy lifestyle and self discipline.

    Support by Gelukskinders

    In May 2015 it Stichting Gelukskinders has decided to support Sizamele Primary School. Initially, the playground will be extended by installing more playground equipment. Next, the existing sports fields need to be equalized, so they’ll become more usable. If more terrain would become available, an athletics track should be possible.

    Updates about Sizamele Primary School

    15 July 2016: Project canceled: looking for new location to build second playground

    29 June 2016: Opening second playground in July

    9 February 2016: New playground coming up

    6 June 2015: Second playground will be built at a school

    18 May 2015: Amira announces new playground