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    Amira Park Ikageng

    In the township of Ikageng, near Potchefstroom in South Africa, on March 5th 2014 Amira opened the first playground which she co-financed from half of the revenue she made with her first international performances. The video below gives an impression of life in and around the township.

    Amira Willighagen – Charity Project – Ikageng, South Africa

    Below, playing children in Amira’s first playground. 2014.

    children playing at Amira's park

    Updates about Amira Park Ikageng

    16 December 2016: Contract signed: building of Amira Park Sarafina to start!

    22 November 2016: Gelukskinders to formalize agreement on playgrounds

    20 July 2015: Message from opera ensemble "Amici" for Amira

    20 July 2015: Messages for Amira from volunteers Ikageng

    20 July 2015: Photos of maintenance Amira Park Ikageng

    19 July 2015: Amira thanks volunteers Ikageng

    18 July 2015: On Mandela Day, Amira takes care of her S.A. playground

    30 April 2015: Fresh paint for Amira Park Ikageng

    3 March 2015: Amira's first playground after 1 year