Gelukskinders Foundation


When Amira Willighagen was only 7 years old, during one of the visits to her grandmother in South-Africa, Amira’s mother took her daughter to the township Ikageng, near Potchefstroom. Seeing the children there touched Amira enormously, as they didn’t have anything to do and no place to play. Amira decided for herself that, if she would ever get the chance, she would to help these children and started dreaming about building the children of Ikageng their own playground.

The kickoff of Amira’s own charity project for the children of Ikageng takes place in the spring holiday of 2014, when she’ll visit South-Africa for her very first international performance.

Donating a playground to the children of Ikageng became the perlude towards the establishment of Stichting Gelukskinders, Amira’s own charity organization to which Amira can contribute herself, and from where she will be supported in realizing her dream.

Projects overview

The Gelukskinders foundation has realised the following projects:

All playgrounds are Amira-playparks. Only the public parks bare that name.

• 2014 Amira Park Ikageng

• 2015 Lesego Primary school

• 2016 Amira Park Sarafina

• 2017 Promosa Primary school grade 4 till 7

• 2018 Lesego Preschool

• 2018 Promosa grade 1

• 2019 Laula Foury Preschool

• 2019 Laula Foury Primary school

• 2019 Ourief Preschool en grade 1

• 2019 Tsupane Primary school grade 1

• 2019 Tsupane Primary school grade 2 till 7

• 2019 Ikalafeng Special school. Adjusted playground equipment

• 2021 Hope of Glory Creche – Kindergarten

• 2021 Buttons and Bows Preschool

• 2021 Opang Diatla Preschool and grade 1 and 2

• 2022 Keotshipele Preschool

• 2022 Bokamosa Preschool en grade 1 and 2

• 2022 Sonderwater Kindergarten and Preschool

For 2023 en 2024 are the following projects planned.

2023 Franschoek Kindergarten 1

2023 Franschoek Kindergarten 2

2023 Hessie Kindergarten

2023 Amirapark Hessie public playground.

2023 Amira’s Netbal project part 1

2024 Bright Beginners Preschool and grade 1 and 2

2024 Dan Tloome Preschool and grade 1 and 2

Last but certainly not the least.                                                                                                                      On November 1st 2024 The foundation Gelukskinders exists 10 years. This will be celebrated in Potchefstroom, Zuid-Afrika. Preparation is in fulll swing.


Would you like to support Amira’s Stichting Gelukskinders in realizing their projects? Please consider a donation. Stichting Gelukskinders received the ANBI status from the Dutch Tax Authority. With this status, your donation is often fully tax deductible (in The Netherlands; please check what Tax regulations apply for your country).