Gelukskinders Foundation


Project 3 2019: Tshupane School Ikageng. Playground 10.

As most of you have heard, Amira spoke about the realisation of three playgrounds.
She actualy meant 3 projects.

About the first two projects the funds and the plans are there already stated on this page.
For this project we are still looking for the necessary funds.

An introduction:
The Tshupane School is a big school with 1300 children. At this moment they heve NO playground equipment at all, not even an old, rusty one. Children just wander around or play with sand and rocks.

All money the school gets is necessary to let the children eat, at least once a day. At their
home even a normal meal is not always possible.
The school lies in the middle of a huge township, Corrugated houses, wooden houses even
cardboard has been used.
When we drove through that township back in June, several of us had tears in our eyes.
This realy exist in 2018?

With this school we will start talking as of the beginning of next year (2019).
If possible this playground will also be build next year August. This way we hope we can bring a
little joy and smiles to the childrens faces.

Below two pictures of the houses where these children live.


The school needs the following equipment:
– 3 merry-go-rounds at the cost of 15.000 ZAR each
– 3 big slides at the cost of 3.500 ZAR each
– 3 small slides at the cost of 3.000 ZAR each
– 2 climbing equipment with small slides at the cost of 15.000 ZAR each
– 1 climbing airoplane at the cost of 15.000 ZAR
– 3 times 3 small swings at the cost of 3.00 ZAR each
– 5 times 3 big swings at the cost of 3.500 ZAR each
Total for this big playground is around 150.000 ZAR or 9.500 euro or around 11.000 USD.

It would be awesome if we could get this plaground up and running next year.
Next year is the celebration of 5 years gelukskinders.
What nicer gift is there for Amira?
At the celebration of 5 years gelukskinders, which will happen at the 1st of December 2019, we
might be able to celebrate 3 different things.
— 5 years gelukskinders
— 10 playgrounds
— 10.000 children playing in their own playground, thanks to Amira, her supporters, sponsors and
her foundation.
We will start soon with an action to realise just that, We call on everybody, who also have a good
feeling about Amira and her project, to contribute a little bit, or a little bit more.