Gelukskinders Foundation

Project 2 IKALAFENG Special school

Second project for 2019: IKALAFENG Playground 9

This is the second school that will have a playground next year.
Around 400 children can play here.

This playground will exist of:
– Twice 3 blackboards at the cost of 6.000 ZAR each.
– Twice big slides at the cost of 3.500 ZAR each
— Twice small slides at the cost of 3.000 ZAR each
— Twice 3 small swings total price 3.000 ZAR
— Twice 3 big swings total price 3.000 ZAR
— 4 lie-in-swings for the disabled pupils at the cost of 4500 ZAR each
— 1 Jungle Gym climbing airoplane at the cost of 15.000 ZAR
Totals around 70.000 ZAR that’s about 4.500 euro or 5.100 USD

Talks will still have to take place with the equipmentbuilder and the school for a possible sandpit at the cost of 15.000 ZAR, that’s around 1.000 euro or 1.200 USD.



The Ikalafeng school is an institution for disabled children between the age of 6 and 18.
There is also a small boarding school attached to it. Here the children stay that come from far or
who cannot be taken care of at home.
Also disabled children who are under juristiction of the Government are placed here, for a short
period of time.
This school is also supported by the NWU university of Potchefstroom.
At this very moment the school has 1 old rusty slide. Children line up to make use of it.
This is it:


For this playground funds are available. The funds were raised during this year (2018) and a little from the year before. This way the foundation could make arrangements with this school.
This playground will also be build in August 2019.