Gelukskinders Foundation

Presents for Mama’s Daycare. Creche in Hessie gets their own playground equipment.

But first this: On the trip back from Franschoek, Amira and entourage paid another visit to a retirement home, where Amira was allowed to put forward Gelukskinders in addition to her very skillful singing. It resulted in a nice newspaper article.

Back in Potchefstroom, board members visited Mama’s Daycare. They did not come empty-handed. This creche, run by Pastor Boisen, has about 100 children.

The creche had made drinking cups out of cut off bottoms of small cola bottles. That is not very hygienic. Moreover, the sharp edges can cause cuts in the children’s lips. Therefore, Gelukskinders brought 60 metal Amira cups. The black mopeds also brought smiling faces. All this caused a lot of fun, among the children. Since this creche is in the good hands of a pastor, the whole thing ended with a prayer.

On October 28, Hessie will receive a large public playground from the foundation. However, the children at the creche could not wait for that. So Amira and board members brought a small playground.

A big swing, a carousel and a climbing apparatus with a barrel to crawl through. The black mopeds and metal Amira cups were also there again, for some of the girls there was a doll. It took some time for the children to see how everything worked.

Amira showed them how to crawl through a barrel. The playground equipment is portable and is neatly stored in the church in the evening.