Gelukskinders Foundation

Preparing for 2023 update 1

1 Netball project

All school logos are now at the clothing studio.

A first design has been made of the sportswear of each school.

Wednesday, 19-10-2022, the school logo will also be on it.

On the back of each kit there will be a 15 cm large “Schilpaddie”.

2 Mr Adams, retired director of Promosa, joins us and offers his help with

everything needed. Priority for him is of course the Gelukskinders netball tournament.

In addition, his knowledge of the languages spoken there and the paths that must be taken to steer various things even better in the right direction, are invaluable.

3 Hope Of Glory creche

All equipment are still like new and the children play a lot and nicely on them.

All push mopeds, balance bikes, if you will, were broken. Gelukskinders will bring 5 new ones in the course of next week.

Amira decorating the push mopeds.

4 Hessie

Agreements had already been made with the department about this, but it has transferred the responsibility for this village to the local population.

Contact has been made with the new village chief and people from the village council.

They are already looking forward to the playground for their children.

In consultation with Marc, representative of Gelukskinders, and the village council, there is a plan to organize a very large village festival when the opening of the playground will happen in 2023.

In a few weeks, a new meeting with the village council will be made to further develop the plans.

Hessie: village chief and a member of the village counsil with their families.