Gelukskinders Foundation

Preparations for 2023 Update 2

1 Hessie: On October 26, a date is agreed for a meeting with the entire city council of the village.

Space to play soccer at Hessie
Here comes the Gelukskinders playground

2 Netball project:

The designs for the sports kits have been checked.

Six designs are fully accepted. The other four need to be adjusted a bit.

On October 26, everything will go back to the studio for adjustment.

Thanks to the sportswear donated by Gelukskinders, there is now even talk that the schools will play in two different competitions. First among themselves and who knows what happens next!!

The names will be “Big” and “Little Turtelina”.

Together this will be the big “Turtelina netball league”.

3 Hope of glory. Our new moped riders are very happy.

4 Sonderwater: Everything is in order. There are already 125 children. The toys are now divided between 2 age groups.

5 In Amira park the grass is neatly mowed again.

Well done John. !!