Gelukskinders Foundation

Preparation for 2023 update 3


The final designs are ready. By now, all schools have seen the design. They were very happy with the result.

The schools Dan’t loome (1600 students) and Bright Beginnings (600 students), a newly opened school, because the schools Promosa and Potch Central are full, are planned for a playground in 2024. With a bit of luck maybe in 2023 already!!

The aforementioned additional schools will also participate in the planned netball tournament in 2023.

Dan Tloome
Loula Fourie

Franschhoek near Cape Town:

Thanks to a generous contribution from a donor, two creches are provided with our devices, specially made for the little ones. These creches are located in the middle of a township, without running water, electricity and sewerage. There is not a piece of asphalt, very small houses, partly made of zinc or even cardboard… These people don’t have it wide.

The devices that are delivered there go at all times after use in a closed part of the creches….

Visiting a creche at Franschhoek
Children are happy with the new pushmopeds that Gelukskinders has brought them.