Gelukskinders Foundation

PRE_ORDER 5 years Gelukskinders DVD

It’s almost there. The finishing touches are being put into this documentary. A collection of what happened around Gelukskinders in 2019 .

Five years of the Gelukskinders Foundation. It all started with ZERO euros in the bank. A story you cannot miss.

Video and audio footage from Ikalafeng, Bokamosa, Ourief, Laula Fourie and Tshupane. See playgrounds and listen to Amira who puts her heart into the foundation and you can hear that too.

The video and audio are recorded using available cameras. For the time being, the playgrounds for the children are much more important to her than recordings by professional camera teams. Amira, her foundation, does it firstly, for the children in the townships! It is the dream of Amira, that Gelukskinders is contantly trying to fulfil … make children happy. More difficult than people initially think. Professional TV crews are an afterthought.

You will also see a lot of action closing this festive year. Rehearsals for the concerts in Turnhout.

The concert in the Wending, fully recorded by a professional TV crew.

The concert in de Warande, professionally recorded by two cameras Behind the scenes footage by a moving camera, both before and after the concert. The fan day- there is a lot to see from that event. Four and a half hours of a wonderful experience.

The choirs from the South African schools, Marjolein, Anne, Elewout, the children’s choir Cantabile …. and Amira herself of course. (re)Experience the Flower duet .. Enjoy Anne’ playing the piano. The singing of Marjolein. Marjolein (vocals) and Anne (piano) performing a song on the fan day, without ever having regheased it together.

All young artists who are still on the thresholdof a great career … And they have talent !! Enjoy this incredible experience! You can pre-order now. Available choices: 1. DVD bundle.

Planned release date. May 2020