Gelukskinders Foundation

Playground reports

Hello dear fans, Corona has held home in the world for a long time, so that some projects have been delayed. Some fans would like to know all about playground finances. There is good news for these people. Christiaan and I (Marc) will, if corona permits, go to South Africa for the whole month of June. There we will make an extensive report of all our playgrounds. (film-photo interviews, etc.)
These will all appear on the website afterwards, playground by playground.
Here you will also be able to find all the numbers. Also that of the maintenance and, if necessary, those to improve safety. But we will also show a picture of our future plans. Numbers don’t tell us much, however.
Smiling happy children. For us it is much more important to show the fans, the playgrounds Amira already made. The children who play there are the best advertisement for us. Which fan doesn’t melt his heart when he sees Amira playing with the kids? And to be able to do all this, the Gelukskinders Foundation has your support, of course, very much needed. We’re all going to do it together with support from up to 11,000 shoulders.