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    Playground numbers

    It may not be clear to all how the playgrounds are numbered by us.

    Therefore a little enumeration, with the date of placement.


    Nr.1 Amira park public playground, 2014——1500 children

    Nr.2 Lesego Primary School. 2015– 1200 children

    Nr.3 Sarafina public playground. 2016– 2500 children

    Nr.4 Promosa Primary School. 2017— 1400 children

    Nr.5 Lesego Primary pre-School playground  2018– 150 children

    Nr.6 Promosa Primary School blackboards and playground for 7 and 8 year olds. 2018– 400 children.

    And if everything goes the way it’s planned.

    Nr.7 Laula Fourie School playground for the lower grades and pre-school. 2019– 70 children

    Nr.8 Laula Fourie Primary School. 2019 – 150 children

    Nr.9 Ikalafeng Special School. 2019– 400 children


    And hopefully, fingers crossed,

    Nr.10 Tshupane Primary School. 2019– 1300 children