Gelukskinders Foundation

Personal contribution board members. Costs for Gelukskinders. An explanation.

Specifically, stay in South Africa.

Why are board members in South Africa for so long and what does it all cost the foundation?

This explanation is intended for the donors who have supported us through thick and thin for years.

We are very grateful to you, donors, for your rock-solid trust.

Even for those who are a bit more sceptical, this article may be the threshold that Gelukskinders can remove for them.

We will try to bring a little more clarity.

1 The flight tickets:

Once a year, the Foundation, per board member, pays for a flight ticket of €600. If the ticket costs more or if a board member flies several times more per year, it is at their own expense.

2 Accommodation:

Board members stay with friends. With them, we have a small living area in use. Because those people also have electricity and other expenses to pay, we do have to pay a fee. That fee is €300 per month. Of this, the Foundation pays half. The rest is paid by the board members themselves. If necessary, board members can stay there with 6 people. ( 10-year anniversary for example)

3 Transportation in South Africa:

The rental of the car and fuel is for the Foundation. Here we are talking about €800 rent and for €80 fuel per month. Fuel here costs €1.10 per litre.

There is no public transport.

4 Food and drink:

This is paid for by board members themselves. They have to this at home too. Here also lies the answer as to why Marc can stay there for so long. We just shop at the supermarket. A loaf of bread there costs €0.60 , 10 kilograms of oranges €1.50 1 kilogram of meat about €2.50. When Marc is in Belgium, all this costs him a multiple.

Board meeting, early January. On the picture from left to right: Below: Astrid, notuliste, Tinne, Amira, Sardha. Above: Nico and Marc. Frieda present via whatsapp link.

5 Fun trips:

South Africa is a beautiful country after all, then board members also do this at their own expense.

6 Internet and phone connections:

Gelukskinders has its “office” in the garage at Amira’s home. So free of charge.

Except; €50 per 3 months for internet and telephone. These are borne by the foundation.

Why are board members there so much?

Telephone contacts or contacts via e-mail don’t work in South Africa.

You have to be there yourself or nothing happens.

South Africa has a completely different working culture.

Board members cannot let Frieda or Amira do everything.

They already have a lot of work with Amira’s career and Fincent.

To cap it all: Board members are well aware that every project, playground, netball tournament, bears Amira’s name. This is no easy task. Sound policies and supervision of projects also radiate on Amira.

Board members are also aware that you, donors, give your money for the goals set in the policy plan, and not for first-class flying or 5-star hotels and restaurants.