Gelukskinders Foundation

Our stamp wins a prize

It has long been the custom that we occasionally
make a Post Stamp of Amira.
Cor had made the first two in the Netherlands.
Because after that we sent everything with the Belgian post
the following stamps all come from Belgium.
On the occasion of 5 years of Gelukskinders we have issued these
stamp .
Everyone seems to like him, including the postal service.
That is why he received one of the 5 annual awards. Our
stamp stood out because of its simplicity and yet bustle of
a lot of children.
All the children depicted shared in the prize, including Amira.
In the Tshupane school, the four children pictured were given
during a small ceremony a ball and a voucher for
the purchase of new school uniforms.
The children were very happy with the ball, the moms
with the voucher and the principal very proud .