Gelukskinders Foundation

Orphanage Ikhaya la Bantwana

This orphanage was already known to us.This orphanage is completely out of the picture among NGOs and government institutions. A number of fans already paid a visit there in 2019.
Even then we immediately rolled up our sleeves and bought the necessary food in the store.
On our second visit on June 16, there was only 1 big bowl of porridge available. Enough for 32 kids to eat 2 soup spoons each day. That means they have to go to bed with am empty rumbling stomach. Amira and the Foundation cannot allow something like this to happen. So the savings pot "For Amira to use to help children in the townships" has been addressed. Fans have donated regularly during promotions. Anyway, the foundation can ensure now that these children do not starve for a longer period of time.

Our main purpose is to make playgrounds, but we cannot bury our heads in the sand, seeing this.
That's why we brought the following food.
24 kg oranges, 45 liters of milk, 20 kg corn, 20 kg rice, 10 kg pasta, 15 kg tomato paste
10 kg beef/onion sauce, 10 liters of sunflower oil.
For a cost of R1800 or about 102 euros.
This is pretty much the basic food for all these children for 3 weeks.

An agreement has also been made with the responsible person that we will come back in November to help them more by pointing them to the proper organisations for their other basic needs.   It wasn't possible now because of Corona. It is the intention that from then on the Foundation will provide a food package on a regular basis.
We will keep you informed later.