Gelukskinders Foundation

Abridged balance 2021

Abridged balance sheet 2021

Cash total on 01.01.2021 — 30,596
Result of the Webshop — 10,253
Gifts (donations) — 27,815
TOTAL — 68,664

Operation of the Foundation and
costs of the secretariat — 3,316
Playgrounds : Maintenance – painting – repair — 15,534
Placement and purchase of new devices. — 34,331
Reserves in cash on 31.12.2021 — 15,483


TOTAL — 68,664

In this balance are all stock purchase and sales costs of the Webshop
deleted. This data weighs the balance sheet and makes it
just very opaque. Only the remaining result now counts.
The royalties are also no longer visible because they have been processed in
the Webshop.
You can also easily remove the pure operating costs.
They now amount to 4.9%. on the total and 6.6% if you only account
keep in mind the amount spent on playgrounds.
This year 49,865 was spent on new playgrounds and maintenance.
This is about 75% of the total operation.