Gelukskinders Foundation

Abridged balance 2020

Abridged Balance Sheet 2020

Cash total on 01.01.2020 — 37,202.17
Result of the Webshop — 9,010
Gifts — 29,736
TOTAL — 75,948.17

Operating costs of the secretariat
and of the foundation — 4,781
Digital update — 3,236
Playgrounds maintenance – purchase – repair — 19,210.17
Playground reserves to 2021 due to Covid — 16,323
Reserves in cash on 31.12.2020 — 32,398
TOTAL — 75,948.17

In the result of the webshop, all in and cost of sales. Also the sales rights, portrait rights and music rights of all artists and musicians have been settled.
Operating expenses this year are: on the total 10.5%, only taking into account the for playgrounds amount used 41.7% .
We have to take corona into account here. As a result, 46% transferred from the amount intended for playgrounds to 2021. If this had not happened, the operating cost would have been only 22.5%.
Because from 2020 we will have the help of a secretary in South Africa some purchases had to be made in the digital field. As well as for our secretariat in South Africa.