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  • Gelukskinders Foundation


    On the various pages in the Organization menu, you can find more details about Stichting Gelukskinders, the Board, our strategic plan, reports and statements.

    Please note that Stichting Gelukskinders is a Netherlands based non-profit organization. The official language is Dutch. Although we do our utmost to translate as much information as possible, it may occur that some pages or documents are only available in Dutch.

    Registered Address

    Stichting Gelukskinders
    De Steekse Acker 1123
    6546 DA Nijmegen
    The Netherlands

    Email: Please use the contact form if you want to send us a message.

    The above address is solely our registered address. We do not have our office there.

    Chamber of Commerce

    KvK-#: 61809853
    RSIN: 854497936

    Tax Administration

    Tax Registration #: 8544.97.936