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  • Gelukskinders Foundation

    Immediate action was urgently needed.

    First action of our people on the spot;
    Amira, Fincent, Frieda and Marc



    To our great surprise we found an unimaginable urgent need in this school yesterday.
    For us Europeans just unimaginable, what we saw there.

    Only one dented rusted cup for 92 children.
    Little children on bare feet. Torn clothes everywhere.
    The only warm meal a day was hot rice with a bit of cooked pumpkin.

    A playground that was completely broken.
    No balls to play with.
    After thorough consultation, the members of the board decided,
    to help immediately. With a little bit of effort
    we can do a lot for these children.
    96 new Amira cups, 10 balls and a candy for everyone
    made a small party on Thursday 24 January 2019.
    The playground itself is not be rebuilt
    but can be restored for not too much money.

    This is therefore completely unexpectedly our project number 4.
    The cost price is estimated at about 20000 Rand
    1250 Euro or 1400 Dollar.

    The swings must be replaced, the broken slide
    removed, a number of small repairs and a firm
    lick of paint against the rust will provide a much nicer playground.