Gelukskinders Foundation

Gelukskinders to formalize agreement on playgrounds

In a meeting between Gelukskinders and the municipality of Tlokwe, of which both Potchefstroom and Ikageng are part of, the agreements on donating playgrounds and the required maintenrance have been further formalized.

During this meeting, which took place yesterday in Potchefstroom, a contract has been discussed which describes obligations and responsibilities to both parties. These agreements describe liability in case of calamities, formal ownership of the playground once donated, agreements about periodical checking and maintenance of the playground equipment in order to keep a playground intact.

Also, the contract describes that funds for periodical maintenance will be provided for as long as the foundation’s budget allows this. In this way, durability of the playgrounds is ensured.

The contract will apply to Amira Park and also to Amira Park Sarafina, the next park which will be built in another part of Ikageng.