Gelukskinders Foundation

Gelukskinders Easter campaign has started.

Bend or crack? When it comes to the well-being of children, Gelukskinders bends. The provincial government has closed Opang Diatla school! It appears that Boka Moso will meet the same fate. The Gelukskinders playgrounds there will be moved. Initially to the Buffelsvlei school. Of course, they are first painted and repaired if necessary. Possibly supplemented with some extra play equipment. Many potential new schools have been visited in Ikageng. There is playground equipment there, but as expected, it is in a deplorable condition. Painting and replacement of equipment that can no longer be repaired is in the pipeline. The netball fields will also be provided with new lines. Work on this has already been carried out by Gelukskinders employees in recent weeks. The photos demonstrate this.

The action goal “Buffelsvlei” is now replaced by “moving, painting and replacing”.

The netball part is in the tournament part. New netball posts and markings for all schools. This will happen at SEVENTEEN schools in the next two months. New sports outfits will also be included at a later stage.

We also noticed ground games. Painting on the floor that children have to learn something or where they can use their energy. Also a photo of this. Gelukskinders will also do this at schools where this is possible. The new schools that are planned will receive an adoption contract. Completely new playgrounds are not needed there.

The Easter promotion is the second of four promotions to celebrate 10 years of Gelukskinders with two concerts, a netball tournament and now with moving, painting and replacing playground equipment. Will you help make Amira’s dream even bigger?

Of course, five prizes will be awarded here too. About that later. Here is the link to our webshop article. Your help is essential and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. On behalf of Amira and the board of Gelukskinders.