Gelukskinders Foundation

Finally! The 4 DVD set is READY!

We all had to wait a long time and each time the date was stretched again.

We are very grateful to the producer, Maikel Bergman, for not giving in to our demands of speeding things up.

We want the very best quality, so we had to be patient.

The festive fifth year of Gelukskinders was celebrated in grand style. This DVD set shows you much of what was done in that year. Playgrounds openings, with many children playing with all energy they have. The concert in Tshupane WITH Amira, Siki Jo-An and many choirs from the schools where a playground has been build. The Grand Finale of all this was the concert in De Wending starring Amira, Marjolein and Childrenschoir Cantabile.

The third Fan day, where fans from all over the world came together and a grand concert in De Warande, where the third solo artist Anne Keizer also gave excellent performances.

You will see and hear it all. Enjoy with a big E.

Do you want to see everything at once? Then make sure you have crisps, pretzels, drinks, and anything else that pops into your mind.

This DVD set lasts over four and a half hours in total.

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Producer: Maikel Bergman

copyright Buma Stemra

PAL video system All regions 1 to 8

Plays on all PC’s