Gelukskinders Foundation

FAN DAY ALMOST FULL. If you like to come be quick.

Anyone who has ordered a fanday package or concert ticket has now received an email confirming this.

It also states your seat at the concert.

If you do not find this right away, look in your SPAMBOX.

You should take this e-mail, printed out, to the fan day or concert.

You will receive the official entryticket there.

The sender of this mail comes from

Do you have questions and / or comments, is something wrong? Then you can go to the above email address.

If you DID order and received NOTHING, please let us know.

We can provide and help in everything that is within our reach.

We are happy to be of service.

Regarding the fanday: Capacity is 130 people. Already 110 people who have registered and paid.

“Do you want to be there?”: Only 20 more left, so be sure to order your fan day package now! Full is really full. Due to safety reasons it won’t be possible to access it

Thank you for your attention