Gelukskinders Foundation

Easter action (almost) successful. Plus conversation with sports managers.

Gelukskinders is on the right track to organize a netball tournament in 2023 and to realize a large public playground in Hessie, about 20 kilometers outside Potchefstroom.

The action, which has now ended, has raised an amount of €9065,–. Given the current world situation, this is a nice amount. All donors; thank you very much for your generous contribution.

Now follows a story of interviews with the various sports managers from various schools.

Ms. Adonis, deputy head of the Tshupane school.

Ms. Adonis

For Mrs. Adonis it was a big surprise that Gelukskinders wants to help the girls with netball sports.

At first she could not get out of her words properly from the emotion. She praised Amira.

According to her, Amira is an example for all young people. Amira shows what a strong personality with a golden heart can achieve. At a very young age still !!

For Amira, the second commandment is not a dead letter: “Love your neighbor, like yourself.”

Mrs. Adonis is going to do a prayer for Amira and her foundation to thank the Lord for the strength he gives Gelukskinders (Amira and board).

She wishes, team of Gelukskinders, every success and hopes that the netball project will have a great future


Report of conversation with the sports manager at the Keotsipile school.

Unfortunately, the name has eluded us, for which we apologize.

Madam was very happy with the netball project. She looks forward to working together.

She stressed the importance of sport for the physical development of girls of all ages. The group of 11 to 14 will be able to play compettitie.

They also get the full dresses and the netball equipment.

It will be the first time that these schools will be able to participate in tournaments and school competitions. She also finds the small netball poles very gratifying, which are also on the horizon.

No school has one!! A first for the entire province.

The little ones from 7 to 11 will only play and practice. In this way they learn the rules and they get excited about this sport.

2023 promises to be a very exciting netball year.

Mrs Raieesch Haffgee

Sports manager of the Promosa school

She stated that netball is like a neglected child for the department and any sponsors.

All the attention goes to football (soccer for USA fans) and the boys.

The girls are conveniently forgotten.

Equipping a team of 11 to 14 year old girls by Gelukskinders is a very big step in the right direction.

She also pointed out to us the equally great importance of T-shirts for the little ones.

They can be used for both netball and athletics, both for girls and boys.

The good cooperation between the Gelukskinders foundation and the Promosa school has always been of great importance.

Mrs Haffgee therefore has every confidence in the future of this beautiful new initiative by Amira.