Gelukskinders Foundation

Dear reader, donor, admirer of Amira or interested ,

The importance of regular, monthly donors to the Gelukskinders Foundation is a lifeline.

These are very welcome and necessary, They give Gelukskinder’s long-term right to exist

The extra actions, around her birthday and Christmas promotions are also hugely important, these ensure the growth of Amira’s foundation.

Continuing on the lifeline, there is now even a group that has decided to support Gelukskinders monthly for a long time.

“Arizona Veterans”, Lovers of Beautiful Music by Amira Willighagen,

They bring Amira’s music as therapy, and it works!

When Amira heard about this, she spontaneously recorded a video.

Gelukskinders is grateful to every donor for their donation.

Gelukskinders plans to present monthly donors who have been donating for more than a year, something memorable, in South Africa. More on that later. Everyone will receive a personal message about this via e-mail. First we work out the plans completely…