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    Playground numbers

    It may not be clear to all how the playgrounds are numbered by us. Therefore a little enumeration, with the date of placement.   Nr.1 Amira park public playground, 2014——1500 children Nr.2 Lesego Primary School. 2015– 1200 children Nr.3 Sarafina…

    Project 3 The TSHUPANE SCHOOL

    Project 3 2019: Tshupane School Ikageng. Playground 10. As most of you have heard, Amira spoke about the realisation of three playgrounds. She actualy meant 3 projects. About the first two projects the funds and the plans are there already…

    Project 1 Laula Fourie school

    The new playground projects for 2019 Project nr 1 As already written we are certainly building 3 new playgrounds next year. In 2 schools. First school: Laula Fourie school (playground number 7 and 8) The Laula Fourieschool will get 2 new…