Gelukskinders Foundation

Board members in South Africa. March 2023

First week. The condition of the playgrounds in various schools has been inspected and approved.

Keotsipile, Promosa, Lesego, Loula Fourie and Sonderwater. As you can see in the photos, there was playtime for the children and it is clear that the Gelukskinders playground equipment is then used intensively.

The little ones of Hessie can hardly wait for their playground equipment to be brought later this month.

The Padi school was also visited immediately. They will take care of the children of Ourief, also take over the playground equipment from there and participate in the upcoming netball tournament. In the photo, in addition to Amira, you can also see Tinne and the young lady who will make the design of the sports kits.

At Lesego school
Padi school
Loula Fourie school

There was also a visit to a creche that would also like to have some special devices, but since they already have enough, Gelukskinders will not place extra devices there. However, it has been found that there are no drinking cups for the children and there is also no mobile play equipment. This creche will therefore receive a drinking cup for every child and five mini mopeds will soon be delivered. The trip to Franschoek is prepared. Two creches will soon get their playground equipment there.