Gelukskinders Foundation

Amira’s netballteams

We've already told you about Amira's netball plans.
It is our intention to be in 6 of our schools each time
2 Netball teams fully equipped with clothing and balls.
This can of course be extended later.

And yes, this is not a playground. But we had already decided
to provide sports equipment for the largest children.
At the moment, the schools of Ikageng do not have a budget to
properly equip sports teams. They can't participate
with the large schools of the center where the parents finance everything.
You can clearly see the difference in the first two photos. The first
children just play in the school uniform, In the second picture
you see fully equipped kids.
We will try to eliminate this inequality. The kids
van Ikageng also have the right to participate in sports.
We don't know yet how this will all happen. We have
some ideas. So in November Nico and I will have a lot of work.
There will certainly be another action to achieve this.
We will tell you more later.
Two cute African township girls playing a game of clap outside their township home