Gelukskinders Foundation


In Franschhoek on March 16, 2023.

A big day for the two creches supported by Stieviewondertours, the travel agency of Kathleen and her husband Steven and now by Gelukskinders.

Amira and her Foundation brought playground equipment and a metal drinking cup for each child for each creche that day. These two creches are in the poorest neighborhoods imaginable. No electricity, no water supply and no plumbing in those zinc houses.

Fortunately, the creches do have those amenities. It was bloody hot inside, what do you want with 36 degrees C. outside.

The children were sleeping on a blanket on the floor in the hall. At first the children were very uncomfortable with their new play equipment.

It is quite something when you sit on a merry-go-round or a swing for the first time in your life. Fortunately, that passed quickly so everyone started playing to their hearts’ content.

Kathleen herself a famous singer in Flanders and the Netherlands revealed herself as a very sweet, strongly committed, woman.

Amira and Tinne stood proud as a peacock on the photo with their childhood idol. A whole gang of children were made very happy.

The following slideshow will show you team photos. Kathleen and boardmembers: Mrs. Gouri, president, Mr. Vandenhout, treasurer, Ms. Brand and Ms. Delsard, members and AMIRA, patroness. Also present: Mr and Mrs. Adams and superfan Mr. Willems.