Gelukskinders Foundation

Amira opens public play park in Hessie

Well, Amira opens? The few days beforehand, the equipment was installed. Children see this happening and literally confiscate the apparatus as soon as you leave. The Saturday of the opening was no different. The first Gelukskinders staff arrived there at 08.00 and the apparatus was already littered with children.

With the number of staff arriving, the number of children also grew. With Amira’s arrival, the “official” opening could begin. This meant that all children could join for a drink, a bag of snacks and an apple… meanwhile, the children’s crowd grew. There were so many children that the equipment was fully occupied. The balls that Gelukskinders had brought were conjured up and a whole mob started playing football. Amira, of course, joined in.

Children kept coming for the treats that Gelukskinders had brought. Mothers with very little ones got some extras.

Music by Videotheque added an extra festive touch.

At the end of the opening, Amira took up the microphone and sang the South African national anthem together with the children, followed by the Shoko-Losa, with one of the mothers taking the microphone.

Gelukskinders has once again given a lot of little children an opportunity to play.

Amira’s Dream is becoming more and more of a household name in and around Potchefstroom.

To all sponsors, thank you very much!