Gelukskinders Foundation

Amira has a busy day

On 28 September 2023, Amira made a lightning visit to the creche in Sonderwater and a day care centre in Sarafina.
Lightning visit? Well, anyone who knows Amira a little knows that once she makes little children happy, the feeling of “doing it quickly” no longer applies.
A Gelukskinders stamp has once again received an award from the Belgian Post Office,
all of which goes to Sonderwater. The leader was delighted with this gift. Two new toilets will be added… The creche there has grown a bit. There are now 187 children there. So extra toilets are much needed.

The daycare in Sarafina, as you can see from photos, already has a playground, but apart from that they have nothing for the children. So Amira brought there, on behalf of Gelukskinders, some dolls and drinking cups for all the children.
Photo credits: Amira/Marc/Frieda