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African Christmas with Amira and friends

The pre-sale of the Christmas streaming concert African Christmas with Amira and friends has begun.

Please try to buy your tickets directly from Optog via:

Optog now also has the possibility to give away a concert ticket via a Giftcard – OPTOG! Gift Card – OPTOG!

If the Optog option does not work for you, Gelukskinders has an item in the webshop so that you can buy one or more ticket(s) there.

During the pre-sale, Gelukskinders picks up the registrations and sends them to Optog on December 18th. All applicants can therefore see the concert as soon as it starts on the 20th. If you want to watch the concert later than the first two days, wait until 2 days before you actually want to watch. After the start of the concert, Gelukskinders collects the orders and sends them daily to Optog. Consider a 24-hour waiting period for access to the e-concert, as this is a manual process. Optog creates an account for you and sends you login details. Pay attention to your spambox! Most of the applicants already have an account if they’ve seen the previous concert. You can reset your password if you’ve lost it. The sale of tickets through Gelukskinders ends on 2 January.

There’s a new help page on with text and video instructions.
Whatsapp no. + 27 71686 7733 or via

On Christmas Day, there is nobody available at Optog if there is a problem. Do you want to buy tickets through a bank number? This is also possible, although it takes more time to reach Gelukskinders. So buy your tickets early, you’ll get a notification when your money has arrived. Bank account number: IBAN NL21RABO0300142315 obo Stichting Gelukskinders.
Remark: “ticket” and when you wish to watch. Gelukskinders needs your email address and your first and last name so Optog can create an account for you. Send an email to, with your details when you have purchased a ticket through the bank account number. Ticket price via Gelukskinders is set at €10. Slightly more than the actual price as Gelukskinders has to pay bank fees before it reaches Optog. Tickets are valid for 72 hours. (The countdown begins as soon as the e-ticket is loaded into your account by Optog.)
The proceeds of this concert will go to Gelukskinders, Amira’s own foundation. “All children have a right to play”

The board of Gelukskinders wishes you a fantastic concert with your family and/or friends. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.