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A hectic period plus Opang Diatla

The next few weeks will be hectic. Several consecutive posts will appear on this site. What’s coming up? We still owe you the opening of the playground in Opang Diatla. We missed some essential photos. It’s in this post. On March 4, the playground will be opened in Keotsipile and a week later in Bokamosa.

Then Gelukskinders will help with the ticket sales for Amira’s 18th birthday concert (from 7 March). We also have the upcoming Easter action where we will try to give the projects “netball tournament” and the large public playground in Hessie a big push in the right direction (from March 14)

Please keep an eye on this site in the coming weeks for more info. Other channels for info are: the FB page of Amira Willighagen Official. The fansite on FB Amira Willighagen:fans.The website and on FB Stichting Gelukskinders site.

The opening in the Opang Diatla school

As always, pictures say more than words.

In the presence of Amira, patroness of the foundation, this school is also delighted with a playground of Stichting Gelukskinders. Of course, all children received drinking cups and lemonade. The children had little lessons that day, we can tell you. It was a big party.