Gelukskinders Foundation

2019: 5 years “Gelukskinders”.

November 3rd, 2014 Amira and Jos, Jan, Frieda and Hanneke put their signature under the deed of incorporation at the Notary. The Gelukskinders were born. Now we are almost 5 years further and we are going to celebrate it.

We can already show you the full program.

For fans who want it, it starts on Friday 29th of November. In the afternoon, together with Amira, we visit the Playing Card Museum in Turnhout.

Saturday November 30th is the big fan day, about which the special fanpage will tell you more.
That same afternoon Amira, Marjolein and the children’s choir Cantabile perform in a retirement home. This goes completely live-stream to 62 other retirement homes. The entire concert is also recorded by Eclips-TV. It will be broadcast in full later.

After their performance, the two ladies come to the fan day and everyone present has the opportunity to meet them. There is also a complete dinner. (registration later)

Sunday, December 1st, is the long-awaited day. A big children’s opera concert in the Warande in Turnhout. Starting at 14.30 the end is foreseen at 18.00. (for tickets later)

On Monday December 2nd, admirers of Amira can visit the opera in Ghent or Antwerp.

PLEASE NOTE: Everything about maps, hotel reservations, meals and opera visits comes within 14 days.

Until then. 
Thank you