Gelukskinders Foundation

Project 1 Laula Fourie school

The new playground projects for 2019 Project nr 1

As already written we are certainly building 3 new playgrounds next year.
In 2 schools.

First school: Laula Fourie school (playground number 7 and 8)
The Laula Fourieschool will get 2 new playgrounds, one for the kids age 4 to 7 and the second for the bigger children.

These playgrounds will have the following equipment:
– The toddlers:
– New sandpit at the cost of 5.000 ZAR
– 3 blackboards at the cost of 5.000 ZAR
– 1 merry- go- round at the cost of 15.000 ZAR
– 2 small slides at the cost of 3.000 ZAR each
– Twice 3 swings at the total cost of 3.000 ZAR
– 1 Jungle Gym climbing airoplane, with slide at the cost of 15.000 ZAR
Total price will be around 46.000 to 50.000 ZAR, that’s around 3.000 Euro or 3.500 USD.

-The bigger children:
– 1 merry-go-round at the cost of 15.000 ZAR
– 2 big slides each costing 3.500 ZAR
– 3 times 3 big swings at the cost of 3.500 ZAR
– 1 big climbing frame at the cost of 7.500 ZAR
Total price will be around 40.000 ZAR, that’s around 2.500 Euro or 3.000 USD.

The Laula Fourie school is a school far from the city centre for very underprivilged children.
At first contact it turned out that the entire school only had 2 drinking mugs for all 200 children.
This was something to be dealt with immediately. Amira send us on our way to the shops to buy 100 metal mugs. She and those around her have spend an entire evening to decorate them with hearts and turtles.
The children get a warm meal in this school every day. Most likely the only meal they get, their
parents have almost next to nothing.
Therfor it is our goal, when these playgrounds are opened, to have a big party, with a hot meal. The childrens parents will be invited too. A sponsor has been found for this extra party.