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  • Gelukskinders Foundation


    Welcome to the web site of Stichting Gelukskinders (English: Lucky Children’s Foundation), the charity organization of Holland’s youngest opera talent Amira Willighagen. Here you can find information about the activities and plans of our foundation, which aims to provide a happier youth for underprivileged children.If a child grows up in happiness, it will become more happy as an adult.

    As our foundation is based in the Netherlands, information and documents will be published in Dutch first. Where possible, translations into English will follow.


    Amira turns 16

    Amira’s birthday is rapidly approaching.

    Fans of Amira try again to get a nice gift for faundation.

    On the website www.amirafans.nl you can see what they’re up to.

    Our shop has added an additional item for the occasion.

    Will you join?


    Order without Pay-Pall

    Having problems with Pay-Pal?

    Is it easier for you to transfer straight from your bankaccount?

    If you prefer from bank to bank or if you have trouble to pay by Pay-Pal

    or you don’t have a Visa-card, there is still an option to order items from the Gelukskinders webshop.

    It works a bit differently.

    The procedure works like this:

    1. Send us an email stating the items you want.
    2. We will contact you and tell you how to proceed.
    3. We will ask you for the address, where the items should be send to.
    4. We will inform you about the costs, including the shipmentprice.

              ( shipmentprice depends on weight and on “normal shipping or insured shipping”, which is             your choice)

    1. We will provide you with our bankaccount.
    2. When you’ve paid for your items, we will send the items to your home address.

    Stichting Gelukskinders

    IBAN NL21RABO0300142315

    Of course also available for donations.

    Thank you


    Shipping problems

    From this moment it is impossible for us to ship orders to these countries: Brazil, Porto Rico, Bahrain ,Philippines and South Africa. Everithings is coming back.


    Amira’s Christmas action 2019

    Christmas action of Amira the Gelukskinders foundation and Kersfeesvader Potchefstroom was a true highlight of 2019. The happy children of Ikageng were beautifully captured by Natasha of “Cool te Kiekies” Potchefstroom!!Also many thanks for contributing to this Christmas presents for children in Ikageng initiative: ” kinders kuier met klassiek” concert in Turnhout Belgium, “Mannekoor” Nijmegen, Omroep Gelderland, and “Trouw” Tv station Max in the Netherlands. And the many hardworking and supporting fans of Amira together with the Gelukskinders foundation.
    You all gave a lot of children a happy face and let them enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.



    Christmasgift/sponsordeal, fanday Nov.30st and concert Dec. 1st

    Important also for fanday and concert visitors. This comes after the Christmas gift part.

    This year, the Christmas gift for Amira is the sponsor deal. That item is listed separately in the Gelukskinders web shop: https://www.gelukskinders.org/shop/SPONSORDEAL-p149320449
    This time no new playground, but a big boost for the maintenance fund.
    In the past five years, all maintenance has been done from the general income. However, the costs for this increase as the number of playgrounds grows, 12 new ones and one adopted now, so the general income is being spent more and more on maintenance.
    This is therefore at the expense of new playgrounds. The age of the playgrounds will also eventually count. All the equipment will eventually have to be replaced.
    The equipment is heavily used by the children.
    In order to be able to continue building new playgrounds, the realized playgrounds must be guaranteed to be maintained.
    It is essential that every playground is maintained by Gelukskinders. The schools cannot take that on themselves. They have no money for that. The playgrounds bear Amira’s name, the foundation cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this very important work. Not now, not tomorrow and actually never.
    Accidents happen at playgrounds, that is the case everywhere and schools are insured against accidents like that. Scratches, bloody knees, bruises, up to, unfortunately, broken limbs – who hasn’t had that kind of experience as a child or as a parent?
    However, when a child is hurt as a result of negligent maintenance, it reflects directly on the foundation, including Amira. That must be prevented at all times. Regular maintenance is of vital importance!

    We hope that you, as a potential donor or donor, can also see this.
    A starting capital has already been set aside for this on an interest-bearing account. The interest is far from sufficient to maintain all playgrounds.
    The larger the fund, the more new playgrounds can be built by the foundation.
    If you want to participate in this gift, your name will appear in a grab bag. During the fan day, on November 30, there will be a draw in which various unique prizes will be drawn.
    The construction of new playgrounds will continue. Many schools have already registered.
    You can also participate in this Christmas gift for Amira in a different way. You can purchase building bricks during the period up to November 29. Half of this goes to new playgrounds to be realized, the other half goes to the maintenance fund. However, you will not participate in the prize draw.
    Prizes won will be sent to you, free of additional costs. Photos and/or a video will be made during the draw.
    For everyone, who supports Amira and her foundation Gelukskinders, we are very happy with every regular donation. Every € 5 is very important for the foundation.
    At present, 10,000 children can play in a safe environment. The foundation wants to do this for even more children. Your donation is essential for this.
    On the website Gelukskinders.org, there is another donation possibility.
    https://www.gelukskinders.org/doneren/ Also, which is less known, you can transfer directly to the account number IBAN NL21RABO0300142315 t.n.v. Gelukskinders Foundation. Mention a sponsorship deal or a donation. A sponsorship deal is from € 10, –
    Amira will receive the proceeds from this Christmas gift after the concert on December 1.
    We hope that in the next five years this maintenance fund will be strong enough so that we can continue to make children happy with our minds at peace. That is all Amira wants.
    Make children happy, as many as possible! Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

    Program of the 3rd Amira’s fan day – November 30, 2019.
    Times are approximate.
    Starting at 4 pm:
    Non-stop movies. Playgrounds and music.
    4.45 pm: Sponsorship draw of the winners.
    5-5.30 pm: Arrival of the ladies.
    6.00-6.30 pm: Dinner starts
    7.15-7.45 pm: Lottery
    9.15 pm: Auction
    9.45 pm: Thanks to the artists.
    10 pm: Closing
    As you can see, the schedule is tight. Please, if you have a present for Amira and/or one of the other artists, do not expect them to open it on the spot. Marjolein and Anne may be able to, but it will be too much for Amira. There is just not enough time. Everyone deserves some attention. Amira is too polite to leave you as a giver in the cold, so I’ll just do it. Leave your name and possibly address on the present and you will receive an answer in due course.
    10.00 pm REALLY means the end. The ladies are leaving. I told them they really should go, so please let them go. They have already had an exciting day and the next day they need to be in top shape again.
    For fans already present: coffee, tea, fruit juices are free from 3.30 pm. Before that time, you have to pay for them.

    The concert on December 1:
    Anyone, who has paid via Gelukskinders.org, has received an e-mail confirmation from me.
    This confirmation also indicates your seat at the concert.
    Everyone is welcome from 1.30 pm.
    There is a separate table for the Gelukskinders entrance tickets. It is situated left from the Warande reception.
    Upon submission, or showing your confirmation, you will receive your admission tickets. If you do not have it for whatever reason, we kindly ask you for valid identification.
    There are two tables where you can purchase various items. The new CIG 2019 DVD (€17,–)/CD (€15,–) will also be available there, as well as the CD (€15,–) of Touch of Class where Amira sings the duet of “Barcelona” with Rohan Dutoit. However, the availability of these items is limited. No more = no more. If you also want one or more of these DVDs/CDs, please send an e-mail to me, before October 30! These items have to be imported from South Africa, which takes time.
    This way you do not have to order through the web shop, and you save the shipping costs.
    As a concert goer, do you also want to go to the fan day a day earlier? There is still room, so please do send me an e-mail. The cost is € 30. For what you get in return, this amount is a pittance! About 15 people can still access it. Full is full.
    A pin machine is available on both days. The foundation has to rent them and is also charged 20ct per each pin payment. So, please pay in cash for amounts under € 20.
    For all your questions, comments or remarks, orders for items, or otherwise:
    Concertticketsavailable at: https://www.warande.be/programma/4189/TE_GAST_Stichting_Gelukskinders_en_Parkinson/Benefietconcert_Kinders_kuier_met_klassiek/
    The organization wishes you unforgettable day(s).


    The Schoolconcert in Tshupane

    This was the first time we organised a schoolconcert.

    So a little stres came with it but the school helped us a lot in organising this event.

    Take a look.


    No less than three schoolchoires came to show their best.


    Tshupane, Ikalafeng and Promosa


    Amira, Siki Jo-An and Funeka took care of the solos and the duets.



    After that it was Jan’s turn to announce that Amira was about to perform a Medley of The Sound Of Music.


    At the end all children sang together the National Anthem: Nkosi Sikelele.

    We made a mistake in the planning of the duration of this concert.

    We calculated 45 minutes it was 80!


    After her wet adventure at the previous school, Turtlelina found a nice girl to sit on her lap.



    Tshupane Playground 11 and 12

    This report is in two parts, as we organised, for the first time, a real schoolconcert.

    First about the playgrounds. Two again.

    One for the lower grades 1 2 3

    One for the upper grades 4 5 6 7


    By request of the schools this will be the last playground for the upper grades.

    This way we can help the little ones quicker in more schools.

    Children, in the age between 4 and 8, have more need for a playground.

    Anyway, there was a lot of fun at the opening.

    Amira cut the ribbon, with the help of her own headmaster, mister Nicolenas.


    Loula Fourie School, playground number 9 ( lower grades) and playground number 10 ( upper grades)

    After a whole year of waiting, on Friday the 16th of August, it were the children of Loula Fourie Primary school, getting ready to storm their brandnew playground.

    This playground also came in Amira’s favorite colors.


    First it was the little ones getting ready for a refreshment and a candy.


    Then, as if it is a tradition, zoooof to the roundabout.


    This time it was a bit different.


    A filmcrew of the Dutch Youthjournal was there too.


    Two playgrounds opened at once. So after the necessary speeches and songs

    the children of the upper grades could have their turn to play too.