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  • Gelukskinders Foundation


    Welcome to the web site of Stichting Gelukskinders (English: Lucky Children’s Foundation), the charity organization of Holland’s youngest opera talent Amira Willighagen. Here you can find information about the activities and plans of our foundation, which aims to provide a happier youth for underprivileged children.If a child grows up in happiness, it will become more happy as an adult.

    As our foundation is based in the Netherlands, information and documents will be published in Dutch first. Where possible, translations into English will follow.


    FAN DAY ALMOST FULL. If you like to come be quick.

    Anyone who has ordered a fanday package or concert ticket has now received an email confirming this.

    It also states your seat at the concert.

    If you do not find this right away, look in your SPAMBOX.

    You should take this e-mail, printed out, to the fan day or concert.

    You will receive the official entryticket there.

    The sender of this mail comes from nicohuizinga@hotmail.com.

    Do you have questions and / or comments, is something wrong? Then you can go to the above email address.

    If you DID order and received NOTHING, please let us know.

    We can provide and help in everything that is within our reach.

    We are happy to be of service.

    Regarding the fanday: Capacity is 130 people. Already 110 people who have registered and paid.

    “Do you want to be there?”: Only 20 more left, so be sure to order your fan day package now! Full is really full. Due to safety reasons it won’t be possible to access it

    Thank you for your attention


    2019: 5 years “Gelukskinders”.

    November 3rd, 2014 Amira and Jos, Jan, Frieda and Hanneke put their signature under the deed of incorporation at the Notary. The Gelukskinders were born. Now we are almost 5 years further and we are going to celebrate it.

    We can already show you the full program.

    For fans who want it, it starts on Friday 29th of November. In the afternoon, together with Amira, we visit the Playing Card Museum in Turnhout.

    Saturday November 30th is the big fan day, about which the special fanpage will tell you more.
    That same afternoon Amira, Marjolein and the children’s choir Cantabile perform in a retirement home. This goes completely live-stream to 62 other retirement homes. The entire concert is also recorded by Eclips-TV. It will be broadcast in full later.

    After their performance, the two ladies come to the fan day and everyone present has the opportunity to meet them. There is also a complete dinner. (registration later)

    Sunday, December 1st, is the long-awaited day. A big children’s opera concert in the Warande in Turnhout. Starting at 14.30 the end is foreseen at 18.00. (for tickets later)

    On Monday December 2nd, admirers of Amira can visit the opera in Ghent or Antwerp.

    PLEASE NOTE: Everything about maps, hotel reservations, meals and opera visits comes within 14 days.

    Until then. 
    Thank you


    Work in progress.

    Michael and John are working very hard to keep

    the playgrounds nice and shiny.

    Painting all equipment.

    The Promosa school is first on the list.

    Looks nice again.

    For those who thought they were the only ones working.

    Then take a look at these diligent girls,

    doing the dishes for the entire class.


    A lot of work to be done.

    Last Friday we could see for ourself, togheter with one

    of the teachers, in the streets where de kids of the Tsupane school life.


    See for your self. No need to explain more









    Immediate action was urgently needed.

    First action of our people on the spot;
    Amira, Fincent, Frieda and Marc



    To our great surprise we found an unimaginable urgent need in this school yesterday.
    For us Europeans just unimaginable, what we saw there.

    Only one dented rusted cup for 92 children.
    Little children on bare feet. Torn clothes everywhere.
    The only warm meal a day was hot rice with a bit of cooked pumpkin.

    A playground that was completely broken.
    No balls to play with.
    After thorough consultation, the members of the board decided,
    to help immediately. With a little bit of effort
    we can do a lot for these children.
    96 new Amira cups, 10 balls and a candy for everyone
    made a small party on Thursday 24 January 2019.
    The playground itself is not be rebuilt
    but can be restored for not too much money.

    This is therefore completely unexpectedly our project number 4.
    The cost price is estimated at about 20000 Rand
    1250 Euro or 1400 Dollar.

    The swings must be replaced, the broken slide
    removed, a number of small repairs and a firm
    lick of paint against the rust will provide a much nicer playground.





    First report from our man at the spot, Marc

    The playgrounds are being used very well.
    Promosa School and Sarafinapark are in need of new sand. The surrounding areas of the swings and the Merry Go Rounds show deep pits. They need to be filled. In Sarafinapark it’s measured.
    The pit around the Merry Go Round is 40cm deep! (1ft,4 inch)
    The following picture is from 2016 ( Sarafina park) Even then you could see the pit forming.

    Tshupane School ( the fourth new playground this year) has also been visited. They were over the moon with the great news that they will have their playground this year.
    Marc will keep on inspecting existing playgrounds, and visit possible new sites in the upcoming weeks. No need to mention a lot of talking is involved.
    Within the next two weeks Marc will inform you and come with new pictures. He will inform you regularly.